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Spatial variation of smoking phenomenon in Hawija city for the year 2021


  • raed raed مديرية تربية كركوك
  • حمد علي احمد الجبوري مديرية تربية محافظة كركوك
  • عصام يحيى عزيز الجبوري مديرية تربية كركوك




Smoking, development, population growth, urbanization


    There is a noticeable increase in the number of smokers, as this research aims to determine the number of smokers in the city of Hawija and their spatial distribution in various residential neighborhoods and to identify the causes of this phenomenon, its exacerbation and its spread among different age groups, and knowledge of the health, economic, social and environmental damages and effects it has on the city’s residents, in addition to To know the volumes of smoking of children under (15 years), which has taken a large spread in recent times. The number of smokers in the city of Hawija reached 6629, which represents 14 percent of the city’s total population, as this phenomenon is concentrated in males more than females, and there are many variables that led to the variation of smoking such as unemployment, psychological conditions, parental smoking, divorce and widowhood, Street children and smoking friends, in the absence of family and school control. The study found the cost of cigarettes for smokers in the city of Hawija, which amounted to more than (1.1) billion Iraqi dinars for the year 2020, which is a large amount that is offset by the cost of treatment for people suffering from diseases as a result of this phenomenon and the cleanliness of the environment.

                    Keywords:  Smoking, development, population growth, urbanization

Author Biographies

raed raed, مديرية تربية كركوك

م.د. رائد احمد يوسف الجبوري 

قسم الجغرافية

مدرس ضمن مديرية تربية محافظة كركوك

الشهادة/ دكتوراه

التخصص/ جغرافية المدن والتخطيط


حمد علي احمد الجبوري, مديرية تربية محافظة كركوك

م.د. حمد علي احمد

مدرس ضمن تربية محافظة كركوك

الشهادة دكتوراه

التخصص جغرافية الزراعة

عصام يحيى عزيز الجبوري, مديرية تربية كركوك

م.م. عصام يحيى عزيز 

مدرس ضمن مديرية تربية كركوك

الشهادة/ ماجستير

الاختصاص/ جغرافية طبيعية/ جيومورفلوجيا




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