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The course of reform in the health system in Algeria


  • soufyane Touhami university of saida
  • زكية بن عامر جامعة سعيدة




he field of health is one of the most important areas of development policy for any country, and Algeria is one of the countries that suffered from the policy of colonialism, which destroyed all the vital sectors on which any country relied, as it took all means to starve and nurse the Algerian people. In the aftermath of colonialism, the Algerian state tried to reform many sectors, especially the health sector, by adopting the socialist system to replace the colonial health system that was prevalent, so it introduced a set of procedures and legal systems in an urgent manner to eliminate or even reduce the many diseases, epidemics, mortality and disabilities left by colonialism, and through That is why the Algerian state established the first national Ministry of Health during the reign of the government of Ahmed Ben Bella, which was formed on September 28, 1962. During this topic, we will try to highlight some concepts related to the health system and shed light on the historical (chronological) development of the reform path of this system in Algeria.



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