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semiology of irony Khairy Bouzani (A reading of a real tragedy)


  • sattar ataby Education





This study dealt with the semiology of irony in two collections of  Khairy Bouzani (Black Sand Wave, Arrow and Two Goals). The study dealt with a reading of the tragedy that Yazidi women were subjected to through these stories, in two chapters each chapter contains three sections. The first chapter is in an introductory study of the subject and contains three sections; the first is a brief about the life of the writer Khairi Bouzani, the second is about the nature of those stories, and the third is about the hidden tragedy.

 The second chapter is a critical reading and it has three topics; the first is on the concept of semiology and its implications in the text, the second is on the concept of irony through those stories, and the third deals with the concept of obscurantism and its references in those stories. At the conclusion of the study, several results were reached: Bozani mocks the painful reality that orphans are exposed in his country, they seek refuge in their father's grave, as if they were saying that the father's absence has dispersed us and tore our existence apart. A satirical semiotics that he paints in the image of the child married to a man who was thirty years older than her, a clear semiotics to kill life, childhood, flowers, and everything beautiful. Then I presented to the most important sources adopted in the study.

Keywords: Khairy Bouzani, tragedy, semiology, irony.





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