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Variable strategy in contemporary ceramic sculpture (Philosophical reading)


  • رنا ضاحي كليه الفنون الجميله/جامعه البصره
  • Dr. Qahtan Adnan Kamal




Dr.Rana dahe Abdul-Kareem




The current research contained four chapters. The first chapter dealt with a definition of the research problem, which was determined by answering the following question ((The strategy of the variable in contemporary ceramic sculpture formats?)) _ A philosophical study, the importance of research, the need for a mechanism, the aim of the research, and defining the most important terms contained in the research, as it included The second chapter is the theoretical framework Two sections were determined according to the requirements of the research that were consistent with the aim and limits of the research, where the first topic

represented a reading in the concept of shape transformations, while the second topic included the conceptual transformation in contemporary ceramics, and the third chapter included a presentation of the research procedures and the selection of the research sample depicted by intentionality based on the method Descriptive in a way that refers to the content of the sample, and the fourth chapter summarized the results of the research.





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