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Fonctions et tâches des conseillers d'orientation et de l'orientation scolaire et professionnelle





guidance counselors, school and career guidance, guidance counselor positions, guidance counselor tasks, school guidance, career guidance.


Guidance counselors and school and vocational guidance play a vital role in achieving the goals of the educational system, so this study aimed in its theoretical aspect to diagnose their effective role by highlighting their tasks, their relationships and methods of dealing with various partners, especially with learners, then introducing various professional documents and records necessary for their work with showing the professional abilities and competencies to be they document their various activities in records and several personal and professional qualities must be present The results of the interview were that the consultants suffer from material difficulties and a lot of administrative work, which makes it difficult to psychologically take care of the learners, ambiguity in the ministerial publications that define their tasks accurately and record a lack of training, especially the consultants of the southern regions compared to the northern due to the distance between educational institutions and the lack of friction with colleagues.



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بوجنان س. م., هاشم أ., & شلابي ل. ر. (2024). Fonctions et tâches des conseillers d’orientation et de l’orientation scolaire et professionnelle. Wisdom Journal For Studies & Research, 4(02), 151–171. https://doi.org/10.55165/wjfsar.v4i02.228