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citizenship education


  • أم السعد سالمي جامعة محمد بوضياف مسيلة
  • هبة الله ذهابة جامعة محمد بوضياف مسيلة




Education, citizenship, citizen, citizenship education, society




  Citizenship is considered one of the acquisitions that every member of society must enjoy as a part of his life. For this reason alone, the subject of citizenship education is one of the current intellectual topics. It is also considered part of the socio-cultural educational philosophy, as it aims to develop awareness of rights and responsibilities, whether individual or group, in addition to training in its practice.

    Citizenship education also seeks to form a human being who is a citizen who works for the development of his country towards progress and development. Citizenship edcation involves developing knowledge, skills and confidence so that individuals can take responsibility for their own decisions. This topic has become important in many countries around the world in general and countries around the world. Arabic in particular.

Keywords: Education, citizenship, citizen, citizenship education, society



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