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The success of advanced regionalization and its relationship to territorial governance in Morocco


  • nadia fath Abdelmalek assaadi university




Keywords: advanced regionalism; territorial governance; decentralization; deconcentration; Morocco.


Abstract: The study discusses advanced regionalism and territorial governance requirements in Morocco. The importance is to monitor the relationship, between a good governance, and advanced regionalism. Especially after the emergence of the regional field as an appropriate framework for addressing developmental imbalances, in parallel with the activation of  governance mechanisms, and the adoption of modern management mechanisms, in accordance with the descriptive approach and the adoption of the method of analysis and comparison. The study based on the premise of an interrelationship between advanced regionalism and territorial governance, aimed at raising levels of development, both of which contribute mutually to improving citizens' lives. The study's main question arises: how can the success of Morocco's advanced regionalism be closely linked to good governance. Some sub-questions then arise, such as how can the measure mechanisms of good governance be entrenched in the territorial act. What are the ingredients and requirements of good governance? To take note of the topic, it divided into two themes, the first addresses the elements of good governance, by addressing the place of deconcentration in the system of good governance, and the role of participatory democracy manner alongside representative democracy in the system of good governance. The second axis addresses the requirements of good governance, by supporting the entities' financial capabilities and rehabilitating their administrative structure. The study concludes to affirm the interrelationship between regionalism, and the mechanisms of territorial governance, in the success of the regional workshops in Morocco. Especially after working on the system of administrative deconcentration and establishing that, it is necessary for the decentralized system to strengthen the role of participatory democracy in the system of territorial governance. The entity's administrative and financial structure strengthened by the fact that they are the most important conditions for the success of advanced regionalism and territorial governance.





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