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Body image of a child with autism spectrum disorder


  • Abdelhak AMAR University Djillali Liabès – Sidi Belabbès
  • Mustapha Lakhal University Moulay Tahar Saïda




التوحد، الطفل التوحدي، صورة الجسم، اختبار روشخ سلم CARS


Autism is characterized by the difficulty of establishing relationships with the outside environment, so that a child with autism spectrum disorder does not interact with the people around him, the purpose of this study is to approach this child’s perception of his body image, as the body represents the basic tool by which the individual interacts with his environment.We did a baseline study, and that included a sample of four children with autism spectrum disorder, based on the case study methodology, primarily based on maintenance, observation, and psychological testing. We first measured the intensity of autism using the CARS scale, so we kept only cases with mild autism (less than 37). We then applied the Rorschach test to determine the perception of these children of their body image. The study found that a child with autism spectrum disorder has difficulty perceiving the image of his body in its human form, as he has no perception of his body image in his unit.



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AMAR, A., & Lakhal, M. (2022). Body image of a child with autism spectrum disorder. Wisdom Journal For Studies & Research, 2(6), 151–173. https://doi.org/10.55165/wjfsar.v2i6.164