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Postmodern art trends in contemporary Iraqi photography


  • HADEEL ALETHARI كلية الفنون جامعة البصرة




Modern art. Postmodernism


The artwork leaves a lasting impression on the mind of the recipient. From the first moment, the recipient can find the organizational and aesthetic thought that the artist embodies through the techniques that express the extent of his expressive and technical capabilities. It turned into an artistic subject, and then a visual painting was built through the patterns of its lines, colors, areas, textures, and structural elements in expressive patterns in order to innovate productions and works of art. The artistic and aesthetic concepts changed, as well as the patterns of artistic movements, so a new modernist vision was shown in the plastic art, which added dimensions with modern techniques, as the Iraqi plastic artist read those transformations that occurred, which led to the emergence of individually organized methods, and then the Iraqi plastic artist read these transformations Which arose, which led to an individual-organized style, and plastic art sparkled with the emergence of artistic groups that sought to liberate the Iraqi artistic thought



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