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Manifestations of liquid modernity in theatrical script Night traveler - a model


  • حسن عبود النخيلة جامعة البصرة - كلية الفنون الجميلة




manifestations, liquid modernity, theatrical text


     We must pay attention to the disappearance of the focal points that explain human action, and the dominance of the opposing act (the unfamiliar) on the social level, so that the text of the playwright is immersed in this strangeness and unfamiliarity.

      As the current social life has witnessed horrors that have no answers, and this holds the human thought responsible for researching the causes and motives.

       And the theatrical text as an eye monitor of these battles and the dilemmas that surround social life, it reproduces the perceptions that meet with the engines of these crises.

       Perhaps the term (liquid modernity) gives an intellectual dimension to focus on the anti-modernist, which will be the basis of this research, and a prominent turn in the transformation of the style of playwriting on the Western and Arab levels. The Arab playwright has revealed in various treatises about this type of discourse.

       And due to the extreme importance that must be monitored in this category of theatrical writing experience, the title of this research was put forward: (Manifestations of Liquid Modernity in the Arab Theatrical Text Transformer).

What is established in the contemporary written transformation of the Arab theatrical text from the devotion to the data of modernity liquid? .

        The statement of this question was adopted through the theoretical framework, in the following two sections:

The first topic: liquid modernity in Bauman's thought.

The second topic: liquid modernity in absurd thought and its theatrical manifestations

    The research procedures were based on analyzing the text of the play (Night Traveler) by (Salah Abdel Sabour).

       Then the main results and conclusions were presented. The research concluded with a list of sources and a summary in English




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