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The Environment Between The Sense Of Citizenship And Official Organization


  • فريد موسلي جامعة مصطفى اسطمبولي معسكر




The Environment; Citizenship; Environmental Citizenship; Environmental Problem.


A marginal culture that is sweeping along the urban geography in a disturbing manner. It is a product of the negative behaviors that we see in society and the absence of a sense of citizenship among individuals. It is not possible to improve the environmental situation of any society through political decisions and procedures, if there are no citizens who are imbued with love of country and belonging and who possess environmental awareness and behavior stemming from a sense of responsibility towards their country in the first place, meaning that individuals within their societies possess a high sense of patriotism that is translated into civilized behaviors that affect the environment.

This is the position that calls the latter to environmental sociological studies within a comprehensive vision and approach, especially after development and the environment have emerged as an issue of man, society and culture, in an intermingling governed by spontaneity and life necessity. This is what we will discuss in this research paper.




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