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Activating digital communication in Algerian universities in light of crises - Digitizing conferences as a model -


  • إيمان العلمي جامعة قسنطينة 2
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digital communication, Algerian university, digital conference


We aim through this study to shed light on the necessity of digital transformation in Algerian universities in light of the Covid-19 crisis, and we also aim to show the necessity of using digital conferences in light of crises, and to reveal ways to organize digital conferences in the field of higher education and obstacles to its use, and the level of interaction Faculty members with the 1st National Digital Conference for Tourist Regions.

In order to brief the subject and due to its nature, the descriptive analytical approach was relied upon, which was considered more appropriate for the nature of the subject, to clarify the concepts related to determining the nature of digital communication and its necessity in the Algerian University in light of the Covid-19 crisis and concepts related to digital conferences and ways to activate them, and this approach would lead us to data A quantity that serves the objectives that we set and the problem on which we built this study.

Results: The Covid-19 crisis had a significant impact on the Algerian University, specifically its conferences, which were held every period, and this is due to the prevention of gatherings of all kinds due to preventive measures and the nature of the highly contagious virus, but digital communication was credited with helping to continue this type of activity through The use of the Internet in its contract to continue the wheel of scientific research and the development of higher education.

Conclusion: In light of the Covid-19 crisis, the telecommunications sector is no longer limited to traditional communication and the search for information. Rather, the trend has become to communicate via the Internet, especially at the university level, and this trend has gained great strength and spread, and as a result, today we see digital conferences where individuals participate for pre-set hours, to cover Broad subject, in institutions of higher education. The process of digital transformation in conferences is very sensitive and necessary in light of the Covid-19 crisis.

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