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The Industrialisation of Academic Expatriate Homogeneity:" The Trigger Formula of Harassment"

Formule de harcèlement


  • ismahane beloum univ. batna
  • مليكة عرعور جامعة باتنة




Academic Pigeons, Academic Taunts, Academic Silence, Academic Intolerance


A personalised authoritarian system, politicisation, and academic dogmatism are common premises in sociological thought that delineate the space of abstract but concrete academic knowledge in monitoring those challenges and issues that crystallise the identity of the Arab university system. The implicit missions of this paper, entitled "The Industrialisation of Academic Alienation", do not lie in a semantic capitalisation based on a nihilistic hardening cell that places us, as a research group, outside the shell of the epistemological context, but rather Rather, it is constitutive of the question of exception and discomfort for the dominant nerve that hides the worn-out and falsely moving reality with an ideological veil that carries the banner of digitalisation and pioneering policy. Far from westernising the concept of exploitation and academic harassment and excluding it as a context for academic circulation, we try to disclose and reimagine Algerian academic life in particular, in which the academic plays the roles of vulnerability "cynical, silent, and committed expatriate".

Author Biographies

ismahane beloum, univ. batna

استاذ التعليم العالي 

قسم علم الاجتماع والديموغرافيا

تخصص علم الاجتماع تنظيم وعمل 

جامعة الحاج لخضر باتنة 

مليكة عرعور , جامعة باتنة

استاذ التعليم العالي 

قسم علم الاجتماع والديموغرافيا 

جامعة باتنة 



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beloum, ismahane, & عرعور م. (2024). The Industrialisation of Academic Expatriate Homogeneity:" The Trigger Formula of Harassment": Formule de harcèlement. Wisdom Journal For Studies & Research, 4(02), 46–67. https://doi.org/10.55165/wjfsar.v4i02.245