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The Term Quality Of Life: Concept And Development


  • الرافع الألي uojaw
  • Prof. Wahib Wahiba المركز الجامعيّ مغنية
  • Dr. Sghir Fatima University Center Maghnia




quality, Term, quality of life, growth, concept


This research aims at shiddi,g light on the way to detect the set of cocepts that concern the term «The best quality of life» as well as its growth through different phases. It has been divided into three elements: the first one deals with the term quality as it appeared in the general dictionnaries and also in those of specialized. The second ine however is about the various meanings of such a term linked to other sciences as psychology. The third element is concidered as a result satting all kinds of promotions that this term witnessed.




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الألي ا., Wahib, W., & Sghir, F. (2021). The Term Quality Of Life: Concept And Development. Wisdom Journal For Studies & Research, 1(1), 247–257. https://doi.org/10.55165/wjfsar.v1i1.21

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