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Governance in Algerian Information Systems and Libraries


  • الرافع الألي uojaw
  • Dr.Afif Ghouar University of Ahmed Ben Bella Oran1




Information system, governance, decision support, sustainable development, libraries, Algeria


The phenomenon of governances is considered as managerial message that many international organizations have adopted such as United Nation for the purpose of achieving  the millennium  development goals relating to sustainable development as well as human resource development especially for institutions in general and those that are specialized in services in particular, and its positive impact in serving a different groups from different backgrounds like needy, deprived  individuals and minorities, however the impact of this concept namely governance is clear cut indication of the significant role it might play on the developing countries that is to say governance  inters new era and becomes part of the fabric of library and information science with regards as well to its organizational relation especially in the field of information system . Furthermore the arrival of this concept and its application becomes one of the foundation that shapes the information system in terms of decision system and managerial tools that are associated with it. Management as new culture is limited by disciplines and foundation of governance. The aim of this study is to cast the light upon the concept of governance as well as it is an effort to better unfold and measure the impact of governance in process of management in libraries and information systems in Algeria and how it contributes greatly in the promotion of those spaces and to open a door to technology, culture and scientific research




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