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E-Learning Difficulties from the Point of View of Students of Faculties of Education


  • الرافع الألي uojaw
  • Nada Feisal Fahad University of Baghdad




e-learning, , e-learning difficulties


The aim of the research: to identify the most prominent difficulties faced by a sample of female students of the College of Education for Girls - University of Baghdad while using e-learning for the academic year 2020-2021. And the descriptive research methodology was used to monitor these difficulties from their point of view, since this type of learning has become the only means available to students and teaching staff to communicate and not stop the learning wheel, due to the health crisis. Long in front of a computer screen, and the lack of fast internet networks, and the lack of advanced devices for some students due to the financial cost. The sample consisted of students from the Department of Quran Sciences, morning study at the College of Education - University of Baghdad for the academic year 2020-. 2021, the questionnaire was used as a tool to achieve the research objective. Research results: It was found through the statistical analysis of the research results that the students of the Department of Quranic Sciences (the research sample) suffer from a high level of difficulty in e-learning, due to weak Internet networks, power outages and other reasons, where the average weight of the questionnaire was 84.21. The recommendations of the research call for providing good infrastructure for internet services. Providing free internet services for students during study times and exams. As well as providing electricity, especially during working hours.




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الألي ا., & Feisal Fahad , N. . (2022). E-Learning Difficulties from the Point of View of Students of Faculties of Education. Wisdom Journal For Studies & Research, 1(3). https://doi.org/10.55165/wjfsar.v1i3.41

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