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The Educational Process and Current Assumptions in the Light of the Corona Pandemic

Critical Reading in Reality and Prospecting Hopefulness


  • الرافع الألي uojaw
  • Jamal Saihi University of Hadj Lakhdar University




educational process, quality of education, computer, digitization, corona pandemic


The first part of this research dealt with the conventional definition of the educational process proposed by the pioneers of the educational systems, its poles, and the reasons beyond its development. Then, I presented a critical reading of the reality of the educational process, especially in Arab countries, through which I concluded that despite the clear reforms that the Arab educational system has undertaken, it suffers from the absence of the necessary framing and the well-designed strategy with precise goals. The second part tackled the situation of the educational process nowadays with the domination of modern technology such as the Internet, computer, digitization, and artificial intelligence. The planners of the educational system could not develop it in the present time except through the use of modern communicative means. The latter played a significant role in improving the communication process between the poles of the educational process and in developing the learner’s skills easily and quickly, especially in emergency situations such as COVID 19 pandemic outbreak.  In the end, we concluded that the future will inevitably be for the computational educational process, which is based on audio and video communication via the Internet, as it is easier to use, faster in response, less cost, and more useful.




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الألي ا., & Saihi, J. (2022). The Educational Process and Current Assumptions in the Light of the Corona Pandemic: Critical Reading in Reality and Prospecting Hopefulness. Wisdom Journal For Studies & Research, 1(3). https://doi.org/10.55165/wjfsar.v1i3.35

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