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Wisdom Journal For Studies & Research (WJFSAR) is an international scientific journal specializing in the humanities, social sciences, and literature. It is a refereed journal, issued by the University and the Institute of Justice and Wisdom in the United States of America.

  ISSN print/ 2769-1926    ISSN online/ 2769-1934

It aims to present diverse and emerging ideas and issues within its specialization. It is published 4 times a year (March-June-September). -December), publishes research in Arabic, English and French, and also publishes works completed within the framework of research projects and international conferences, and it is supervised by the competent scientific body.

Note that the research of this journal holds the DOI CROSSREF Digital Object Identifier, it is classified in Google Scholar,as it allows  open and direct access to  its contents from the principle of making scientific research available free to the public from the journal's website,  and it has a LOCKSS license and a CLOCKSS license To store and distribute Journal content.

The journal is also based on the Open Journal Systems (OJS), an open source software application for scholarly journals, which is used by more than 25,000 worldwide. Open access can increase a journal's readership and contribute to the global public good

The journal ensures the authenticity of research and the detection of irregularities through the use of scientific inference detection software Turnitin

The refereed international scientific journal is published 4 times a year regularly according to a fixed schedule, In addition to 4 issues of conferences and scientific events supposed per year.

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Vol. 4 No. 01 (2024): Wisdom Journal For Studies And Research volume 04 Issue 01(15) 30/03/2022
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